Chikan Shihai Nr 2 Anime •

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Girl Mitsu and Saki within the Chikan Shihai Nr 2 Ruled through Molesters created The Purple Girl group and began to offer protection to the ladies within the train from the molesters. The lads contact girls and Girl within the train with none permission or even rape them within the entrance of any other other folks. However no one says them anything else. The Purple Group is just one what can in point of fact is helping and shop ladies from the violence. One detective lady Mitsu used to be abducted via the crowd of that molesters and delivered to the lodge. They tortured her within the sexual method and she or he will have to make the whole thing what they order. Saki is on the lookout for her family member and turns out one youngster Girl noticed Mitsu within the train.

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Chikan Shihai Nr 2 Anime •

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